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Blake Gearin

Pronouns: he/him

~ Stay positive, Stay passionate ~

About Me

Thanks for wanting to learn more about me! For reference, my maiden name is Buthod.

I grew up in Jefferson City, MO where both my parents were educators. I was lucky enough to have technology in my life from a very young age. We had a desktop computer with AOL, a SNES, and a stereo that could hold multiple CDs and cassettes. All of these things shaped what I still enjoy today: music, games, and all things internet-related.

In high school I took many dual-credit courses and in the evenings I could often be found working at my local grocery store (Hy-Vee). But I still was very fortunate enough to experiment with my time: running track for a couple years, teaching myself graphic design, helping run backstage crew in our plays & musicals, and joining student council my senior year.

After graduation, I packed my bags for Kirksville, MO and started a new life there. Half of my high school class went to the University of Missouri and only a handful who went to Truman State. I joined the Student Activities Board (SAB) and tried out a few others. The ones that stuck over the years were SAB, the monitor, and The Aquadome. As the people I learned from graduated I ended up in leadership roles in all three of these organizations. I’m proud of how much time I spent organizing and trying to improve things. Perhaps 5-10 years from now I can go back and see what stood the test of time :)

Over the years I’ve spend a lot of time reflecting on how I and everyone around me spends their time. I think it’s really tricky to build great tech. In my opinion that includes:

  • Keeping user data private & secure
  • Making appropriate assumptions about what a user wants
  • Being easy to understand & use
  • Being sustainable in the long-term (at least 10 years)

Like most programmers I certainly get a rush from automating things, but that’s not what I spend most of my time doing when working on projects. I can often be found writing documentation, tweaking UI elements, and drawing out diagrams to clarify how systems work or how they could be better.

If you want to talk, please reach out!